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New Children's First Academy site breaks ground

Posted On: 2012-09-25

by FOX 10 News - Staff Report
FOX 10 News |

PHOENIX - Across the nation, education has been a hot topic over the past few weeks.

Tuesday, a big event was held to mark the expansion of learning across the valley.

Children's First Academy hosted a groundbreaking ceremony, marking the site of brand new Phoenix campus set to serve over 300 homeless and disadvantaged children.

The 52-thousand square foot facility will provide education, as well as on-sight medical and dental services.

"They also provide school supplies, clothing, they have a shower and medical services. It's much more than a school. We all know that our children need much more than just sitting down in a classroom and that's what Children First Academy provides," says Darlene Newsom, Umom New Day Center.

Children's First Academy will also address physical and emotional obstacles in attempts to support disadvantaged children, helping them to become successful members of society.

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