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AZ State Senator Michele Reagan lends a hand to a food drive benefiting children at risk.

Posted On: 2014-10-21

Article and Picture from Prescott

Tuesday, 21 October 2014 00:00


Lynne LaMaster

Michele Reagan lends a hand to a food drive benefitting children at risk.

At this time of year, politicians find themselves focused on one thing: the upcoming election. It's all about the ads, the responses, the hand-shaking, the appearances - everything that goes into a successful campaign for a public office.

State Senator Michele Reagan is running for Secretary of State against a formidable opponent in Terry Goddard. It's an important position, and she's in a tight political race. But on Monday, Reagan set all that aside to campaign for another cause. She sent this email out to her supporters to explain:


I know that your inbox is being flooded with political emails, but this email is a little different. Our campaign was approached by an honors college at Scottsdale Community College to participate in a food drive to help benefit the Children First Academy. This Academy helps feed at risk children and supports them in many other ways. You are able to drop off food at any Mountainside Fitness Location around the valley, and in return, you'll recieve a free 10-day fitness pass from Mountainside Fitness. I would ask you to please donate food to the Children First Academy, because this is something that everyone can agree on.

For a detailed list of recommended donation food items, please see the attached flyer. Click on this link to find a Mountainside Fitness location near you. We only have 9 days left to donate!

Thank you for your help and generosity,