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Arizona college students put unique soles on feet of needy kids

Posted On: 2014-03-13

From CBS5 News...

TEMPE, AZ (CBS5) - For the last year, some Arizona State University students from the Barrett Honors College have been putting some unique, one-of-a-kind soles on the feet of some needy children in Tempe.

"There was everything from dinosaurs to The Avengers to flowers to just patterns. It was great," said Ashley Archambault, the 20-year-old founder of the Beautiful Soles project.

The ASU senior launched the project last year when she realized her love of designing shoes could do some good in the community.

She called on fellow students to grab markers and fabric paint and decorate white canvas shoes for donation.

"There were students who wanted to decorate shoes. But we just had run out of shoes because so many people wanted to decorate them," she said of the initial project launch.

The shoes were donated to students at neighboring Children First Academy in Tempe. The charter school is made up of mostly homeless or underprivileged children from kindergarten through eighth grade.

"They were just like running around and they're so excited to see all the shoes come out and were like, 'Oh my, are those for us?' And it's just rewarding to see that," she said about the students' reaction to receiving the shoes.

"It was amazing. Their eyes brightened up. They were honored to take them and they wanted to wear them right away," added Sharyn Logue, executive director of Children's First Foundation.

Last year the ASU students decorated and donated 60 pairs of the shoes. This January they produced another 90.

Click Children First Academy to donate shoes, clothing or food to the school.

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