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An Announcement from Edkey for Children First Academy Tempe

Posted On: 2016-01-11 04:16 PM

Children First Academy Tempe Friends:

Since opening in 2008, Children First Academy of Tempe (CFAT) has provided a caring and nurturing environment for its students. The school has been a safe place where each student has enjoyed many benefits including breakfast, lunch, snacks, Thanksgiving dinners, and food boxes when needed; medical, dental, hearing, vision, and counseling services; character training; first class physical education and arts programs; transportation to and from school; after-school learning programs, field trips, extra-curricular activities, and new experiences; birthday and holiday parties; mentoring; and most importantly, the finest teachers and staff members in the state.

With an opportunity to save a substantial amount of funds needed to preserve and increase these benefits, and to ensure the sustainability of a nurturing and caring learning environment for the children, we will be moving CFAT programs, teachers, and staff to our Sequoia Elementary School (K-6th grade) and Sequoia Secondary School (7th-12th grade) at 1460 South Horne in Mesa this coming fall (August 2016). All of the benefits that the children have enjoyed at CFAT will continue at the new location. Below is a summary of the additional benefits that come with this move:

  • The Mesa Campus is actually closer to the homes of many CFAT students, which will reduce time spent riding the bus for many.

  • The Mesa Campus playground area is larger, providing more room for outdoor activities including recess and physical education.

  • Multiple teacher selections at each grade level to provide more classroom choices for students and their parents.

  • Increased specials and elective offerings such as dance, music, and technology.

  • Additionally, for older students: interscholastic athletics, a greater variety of academic subject offerings, and for those seeking a vocational education, the opportunity to enroll in cosmetology, culinary arts, nursing, firefighting, welding, engineering, plumbing, auto mechanics, auto body, teaching, engineering, broadcasting, computer technology, and many more vocational classes through our partnership with the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT).

  • Sequoia Elementary is located on the same campus as Sequoia Secondary School so students can seamlessly continue their education through 12th grade without having to switch to multiple junior high or high schools. Ms. Donna Driggers, former principal of Children First Academy of Phoenix, is the principal of Sequoia Elementary. Mr. Jevon Lewis will be the new principal of Sequoia Secondary School. He is excited for this new opportunity to help the CFA children navigate junior high and high school and prepare them for a successful future. He will begin this assignment on January 19, 2016. Assistant Superintendent and former CFAT Principal Jerry Lewis, will return to CFAT for the remainder of this school year as acting principal. We will also be applying to change the name of Sequoia Elementary School to Sequoia Children First Elementary at the end of this school year.

We want to emphasize that CFAT will continue to operate at its current location for the remainder of this school year and that the Phoenix Campus of the Children First Academy will not be affected by this move.

We are excited about the many opportunities and increased resources this change will bring to the children and hope that you will continue your wonderful support of each Children First student. If you have any questions please feel free to call Jerry Lewis at 480.861.6931.

Thank you for putting the children first.


Edkey Management Team