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3rd Annual Splash Mob 5K to Benefit Children First Academy

Posted On: 2013-07-18

Visit for more information. 

Gather your friends and family to help SPLASH MOB 5K RACE and splash the runners as they race by! The race starts and ends at Big Surf. 

Become one of the many volunteers to man a "splash station" with water balloons, squirt guns and splash the runners to keep cool during their race to the finish line... the Splash Mob 5K team has committed all their time and effort for this water and run fun day with the major focus to raise $50,000 to sponsor the Science Lab at the new Phoenix Campus of Children First Academy. This will be one more change for YOU to participate in making this fundraiser a success. Race participants are $40 per person; volunteers - free to help with the stations. 

When? Saturday, July 20, 2013 at 7am
Where? Big Surf, 1500 N McClintock Dr in Tempe
How? Call Caitlin at (734) 531-8615