Vision and Mission for Children First Leadership Academy

Developing Leaders One Student at a Time

Each child who enrolls at CFLA is guaranteed:

• A safe, friendly, and happy learning environment where each student consistently takes ownership for:

  1. Their ability to achieve success, despite factors outside of their control, in order to graduate and capitalize on post-secondary academic and career opportunities
  2. Their destiny (knowing where they are, where they can go and believing they WILL get there)
  3. Their role in creating an environment of success by showing respect for themselves, fellow students, staff, and facilities
  4. Their role in establishing a culture of high behavioral and academic expectations that is easily assimilated to new students

• A school that exudes a culture of leadership and success where all staff members consistently:

  1. Are passionate, collegial, and positive and model the 7 habits in all interactions with students, staff and parents in all situations
  2. Inspire and empower all students to become leaders academically and socially
  3. Work to ensure academic instruction is based on student’s needs and illustrate high expectations for academic success aligned to the standards and driven by data
  4. Confidently model leadership skills for all students

• A school that is consistently and constantly accountable and transparent to:

  1. The students, parents, staff, community, charter and state leadership who all share and do their very best to adequately support a non-negotiable vision for excellence and success, no matter what the barriers are.

• A school that is recognized consistently and constantly as an “A” School

This is who we are!

You are part of the legendary team to fulfill this vision!

“We are the Leaders of Change!”